I took up archery in August 2012 at the Bowmen of Overdale club. I'm now a member of Assheton Bowmen. I find the technical side of the sport very interesting and the gentle pace of the exercise ideal for somebody of my age (with a heart condition!). The concentration required whilst shooting is actually very relaxing and almost meditative. And when the sun is shining it's a great way to get a tan!

Below are some photos...


Beginner's course August 2012 - Bowmen of Overdale


Practice session September 2012


March 2013 - Shooting at 80yds for the first time. The target looks mighty small at that distance!


Now archery is full of health and safety rules to avoid injuries... however...

This is what happens when a compound bow string comes loose and recoils across your mates bald head!


Note that not only has this guy shot his hand, but also gone through his finger so he canít even let go of the bow! (Not me I hasten to add!)


September 2013 - Very satisfying when you get 3 x 10's!



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