Draughts/Checkers Articles

Since first acquiring an interest in Draughts in 1989 I have written many letters/articles for various publications. Presented here are some of the original texts in rough chronological order. These were prior to any changes by the various editors for space and/or content. Although some of the content is now outdated they still make an interesting read.

Computer Draughts
A report prepared for the English Draughts Association.

Colossal News! Issue 1
Computer Draughts news sheet.

Colossal News! Issue 2
Computer Draughts news sheet.

Another Tillicoultry Correction
Correction of World Championship game.

NOT the Cook of the Century! - Part 1
A powerful cook? - perhaps not!

NOT the Cook of the Century! - Part 2
A useful cook? - definitely!

A 'Colossal' correction of a Ryan correction of a Tinsley correction of Ryan!
Colossus corrects Ryan and Tinsley.

Payne Cup 1993
Annotated games of Bryant v Cayton in the 1993 Internaional match.

Chinook-Oldbury 1994
Some annotated games from the Chinook v Oldbury practice match in 1994.

Derek Oldbury Obituary
Obituary written for the Times newspaper.

DraughtsBase in Action!
Annotated game showing DraughtsBase's power!

Friendly Foes?
Colossus has a bash at the Irish Grandmaster Pat McCarthy.

The 1st Derek Oldbury Memorial 'Man v Machine' Open
Annotated games from the tournament.

How to draw the 26-22 Skullcracker!
Analysis of this once feared line.

Marion Tinsley - The Final Days
The final few days of the greatest draughts player ever, captured in the email of his friends.

How to draw the Rattlesnake!!!
Annotated games from the 1995 British Masters Postal tournament on this most difficult of openings.

The 2nd Derek Oldbury Memorial 'Man v Machine' Open
Annotated games from the tournament.

The Final Frontier
Analysis of the remaining 'barred' openings.

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