(DraughtsBase has now been superceded by DraughtsBase 2)

What is DraughtsBase?
Some of you will have heard of the very popular 'ChessBase' program. Well this is the Draughts/Checkers equivalent! A database program containing thousands of top class games for your perusal and interrogation.

Why DraughtsBase?
Interested in studying a particular opening? Just enter the first few moves and ask DraughtsBase to show you how the Masters have played it in the past.
Preparing for a tournament? Worried about facing a particular opponent? Just ask DraughtsBase to call up all his games to see what lines he plays and to find his weaknesses.
Played (or playing!) a game but can't find it in the books? Ask DraughtsBase to see if it has transposed into any other pp games! If so, it will tell you the events, who played who, the results and when they were played. And all without even opening a book! A Godsend for annotators and postal players!
Interested in statistics? DraughtsBase has them all! What was the longest WCM game ever? Tinsley-Oldbury '58 game 5? Right? Wrong! What was the shortest WCM game ever? Oldbury-Tinsley game 18? Right? Wrong! Who has played the most WCM games? Tinsley? Right? Wrong! How often does a decisive game occur in a WCM? Every 10 games or so? Right? Way off! Which opening has proved the most decisive in WCM's? The Octopus? Skullcracker? Double-Cross? Right? Wrong, none of them! Ask DraughtsBase!!!

System Requirements
Any IBM PC compatible with a 386 or above processor, 4MB RAM, hard-disc (with at least 4MB free space), DOS 5.0 or greater and Windows 3.1.

Starter Pack
Contains the main program, with an initial database containing all the games from all the 3-move World Championship Matches from Long-Banks '34 right up to Tinsley-Chinook '92. A total of 715 of the best games ever played!

  UK (English pounds) Overseas (US dollars)
Cash 30 $60
Cheque/Money-Order 40 $80

(Please note the SUBSTANTIAL DISCOUNT when paying by CASH. However if doing so, please send cash by REGISTERED mail for your own safety.) DraughtsBase can only be ordered from Martin Bryant, 71 Hunstanton Drive, Brandlesholme, Bury, Lancashire, BL8 1XH, England.


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