'Colossus' is the name given to a series of intelligent computer games programs started by myself in 1983. First came 'Colossus Chess' which was marketed for numerous micro-computers during the 1980's and was one of the best selling programs of its era. Later I developed a 'Colossus Backgammon' program followed shortly by 'Colossus Draughts' ('Checkers' in the USA). I developed a passion for Draughts and my program became one of the strongest commercially available Draughts programs in the world. This site serves as a historical record of those programs and others written by myself.

Nowadays I am happily retired and only program when the urge takes me. Many years ago, in discussion with Jonathan Schaeffer, we mused about writing game programs and its addictive nature. I coined the phrase 'engine fever' to encapsulate the flare up of that desire to work on your code once more! My main hobby at the moment is hiking.

Last Updated 9 September 2021


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