The name 'Colossus' was prompted by the science fiction film 'The Forbin Project' (which I saw as a child) which was based on the book 'Colossus : The God Machine' by D.F.Jones. In the story 'Colossus' is a super computer developed in the USA which acquires sentience and takes over the world, ably assisted by its Russian counterpart called 'Guardian'. I use two separate disc directories for my work, one called 'Colossus' for production programs, the other called 'Guardian' for development work. There is a second book called 'The Fall of Colossus' and a third 'Colossus and the Crab'. All are worth a read if you're into science fiction.

Hence the name was not inspired (as some people thought) by the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. However, the Colossus of Rhodes did have a really cool inscription...

"To you, O Sun, the people of Dorian Rhodes set up this bronze statue reaching to Olympus when they had pacified the waves of war and crowned their city with the spoils taken from the enemy. Not only over the seas but also on land did they kindle the lovely torch of freedom."



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