MechCommander is a superb game by Microprose set in the same mechanical warrior Battletech universe as the MechWarrior series of games. If you've never played MechWarrior or MechCommander then go out and buy one TODAY!

Below are some MC bits and pieces I have written for advanced users. If you want a complete site for all things 'mech' checkout the excellent Dropship Command site.


Mission Editor 'Extender'
(Although this game is MANY years old now I still get questions from fans about the 'extender' asking for enhancements. Unfortunately I no longer play MC (sorry!) nor work on the extender. Therefore I have decided to make the source available to fans to do with as they will, just please give me credit for the original program. Enjoy!)

Enabling Map Printing

Changing the 'Default' Button in the MechCommander DPK Extractor

xStart0.pkk - How It's Done



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